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Hidden Wireless Charges

Have you ever opened your wireless bill and saw extra charges? Well if you answered yes to that question you are not alone. Every day many people are seeing unexpected charges on their wireless bills. The FCC had decided it’s time to put an end to this and expose the hidden charges by implementing rules for cell phone carriers. These rules will require carriers to alert consumers when are they are about to go over their monthly minutes or usage amounts.

These new rules will most likely not be easily accepted by carriers as the rules may require changes to the way consumers are billed. This would require many changes for carriers that will take a lot of time to implement. Additionally these new rules may eliminate a very profitable revenue stream. For example if a consumer is not aware they are going over their monthly minutes or usage, high fees will be incurred which means more profits for carriers. What carrier would want to give up such a high profit stream?

It is hard to say if the FCC will succeed in their efforts to expose the hidden wireless charges. Consumers will definitely want these new rules implemented as I’m sure many Americans are tired of paying the overage fees. However, carriers will be lobbying against these rules as a major revenue stream will ceases to exist of the rules are passed. Is it ethical for carriers to not warn consumers when they know overage is going to occur? Probably not, but that will be up to the courts to decide.


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