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Google Ads- health

As a future health communication specialist- I’m probably going to want to use some interactive marketing strategies in my work.  But I kind of think the healthcare industry is a little slow on adopting technologies to facilitate the dissemination of health campaign messages.  The exception seems to be Twitter and Facebook which are growing in popularity to the extent that social media experts are needed in health organization (and are being hired which is great because I can probably always market myself as a young, social media geek).  But there are so many other outlets that are being overlooked.  I don’t think health organizations have considered how to use Google search terms to draw people to health education/outreach websites or how to design websites to meet audience needs. 

So I found this Google Ad when I was doing research for a paper on clinical research participation.  It makes sense that clinical research recruitment would benefit from going online to reach interested volunteers. 

The only problem is that there isn’t a lot of room in the ad to explain what clinical research is – which is the question everyone has. I really hope in the future I can work this marketing angle into my job.

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