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Pair Movie: Japanese Interactive Mobile Marketing

Consuming music via mobile videos has been one of the most popular ways among Japanese young folks. Japanese singer/songwriter JuJu released her album “What’s Love” in early 2009.

The record label Sony, in order to target Japanese females in their teens and twenties, adopted streamed music videos to promoted one of the songs in the album,  “素直になれたら” (Wish I Could Be True To Myself) heavily through mobile.

Advertising agency Dentsu planned to promote the music video by adopting the technology “Pair Movie”, developed by Mobile Art Lab, to create buzz among the female peers.

The music video was produced in a concept of Japanese romance drama and broken into a series of five 90-second episodes which could be streamed for free from the campaign site.

So how does Pair Movie work?

First you had to invite your friend to download the video via taking photo of the QR code. Each of you would be able to download a part (left and right) of the movie. Next, putting two mobile screens together, the music video was completed and become a larger and less degraded movie on mobile.

Demo and concept of Pair Movie can be seen here:

Mobile phone is personal. We text, call, and play games on the mobile. Pair Movie encouraged people to share mobile contents and to interact with others in person.

The result of the campaign was good. The music video was played 400,000 times in one month and was downloaded 20,000 times in its first week. The total downloads number was 2,200,000. It helped the sale of the song (More than 150,000 copies were sold) and  the song “素直になれたら” became JuJu’s biggest hit. This campaign also won the advertising agency Dentsu a Gold Lion award at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Although Pair Movie seems to be a fun and innovative mobile advertising tool, the use of Pair Movie is somewhat limited. Your target must have the mobile phone that support QR code function and to download the QR code apps. Also, it will cost viewer twice to download the contents, which may make the viewers hesitate to download it.

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