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Google to Acquire Groupon

I made a bet with my mom this Thanksgiving that I will put my computer away. I did, but I was locked to my Evo, Android phone.  Around 6PM I received an update via my Google reader on my cell that Google was trying to buy Groupon. I read the article and wrote this post from my cell.

According to multiple sources, Google is in acquisition discussions with Groupon. Google can look to pay well above the $2 billion to $3 billion Yahoo offered Groupon in acquisition talks earlier this year. Even for Google that is a hefty price with no discount, pun intended. I’m sure Google is aware that it should act fast in attempts to acquire Groupon, because other big name players are realizing Groupon’s viability as well. Sources say Amazon, Microsoft, and the most logical player eBay have their eyes on acquiring the discount site as well. All interested players are public companies except for the social media giant Facebook. Nothing is set in stone as of today. Spokespeople for both Groupon and Google have declined to comment. After the video, take a look at the chart below. The chart outlines how the 83 companies Google has acquired benefit the search engine giant.

Google’s acquisitions 2001-2010

Google has a reputation for building amazing products and hiring the smartest around. However, you might be surprised to learn that most of the products & services Google is widely known for were actually products and services of companies Google bought and integrated into their brand. The graphic below visually shows details of the companies Google has acquired. Click to enlarge the photo.

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