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Remembering the Web Before Advertising

With “Cyber Monday” here in full force and people being bombarded , myself included, with email after email, and advertisement after advertisement promoting the “Cyber Monday deals of the day” makes me think back to when Cyber Monday and the copious amounts of online ads did not exist.  What if you could go back to that time, a time when you could peruse the web noise-free.  The article, Remembering the Web before Advertising talks about a way to do just that.

The article, which I found on Ad Age, discusses a filtering software for the internet called AdBlock Plus (ABP).  ABP is a content-filtering extension for Mozilla Firefox which allows users to prevent advertisements from being downloaded and displayed.  The author describes this software as a quick “un-market” magic trick.

The author talks about his experience…

I recently downloaded an extension to my Chrome and Firefox browsers known as AdBlock Plus, which wipes web sites of any and all advertising — and though that sounds like a time-traveling/sci-fi conceit, it worked. In fact, the web without advertising muck is better than the web ever was, for while its early period of pamphleteers were simply tedious and today’s media-rich startups though wonderful is also mind-numbing and ad-filled, AdBlock has rendered a kind of science fiction wonderland, fusing the best of both.

He uses the New York Times as an example…

The New York Times, for example, which prides itself on having a clean site with minimal advertising, through AdBlock’s lens has the elegance of its print version. Its main logo top-center, with ample white space on either side Woody Allen would certainly mock as “negatively capable,” but, hell, it’s just beautiful, and shows you what it was always meant to look like. At the other end, a different news site, which has often been chided for poor design and lengthy load times, the New York Post is surprisingly light, quick and easy to read when streamed through AdBlock.

In this article the author delves into this advertising frenzy that we as consumers are experiencing and I thought it was interesting because I honestly do not know if I can remember what it was like to browse a quick, clean, and noiseless web.  Maybe going back to that would be nice, but yet again, maybe it’s all we know now…

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