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My Facebook Book!

Facebook is ubiquitous. We use Facebook everyday,update our profiles, upload photos, ask others to go out…etc. However, we forget our favorite moments we share on the wall day after day. Inspired by this fact, the creative director Siavosh Zabeti from the ad agency DDB, created an app that keep our facebook in a book, for his client French telecommunications company Bouygues Telecom to launch the company’s Facebook platform.

When Facebook Become a Book. Siavosh Zabeti


According to Foxnews, Zabeti said he wanted to bring permanence to social networking. He and his team look into how people use the social network site, and came up with the idea. He explained that, people do so manything on the social network, but people forget about it easily. (It is so true! I can not even remember what I wrote on the wall two weeks ago.)

Therefore, instead of creating something that would only last two weeks, he wanted to create something that would allow people to sustain the memories. Zabeti said, “We wanted to create something that you could put on your coffee table and would last forever.”


When Facebook Become a Book. Siavosh Zabeti


I found it interseting because we know that, we have to understand how the customers use our products or services. While Zabeti and his team, investgating how people use the medium to engage consumers .

So how does the Facebook Book app work?

The application allows Facebook you to choose up to 10 friends to include in the book and the timeline they would like it to cover– you can also choose to get rid of the embarrassing photos you don’t want to be remembered.

Next, the app will collect your facebook content including photos, status updates and comments from your newsfeed and compiles them into a hardcover book. The book cover is colored of Facebook signature shade of blue with your name and the count of your status and photos.


When Facebook Become a Book. Siavosh Zabeti


The first batch of books sold out within an hour of the application’s launch, according to Zabeti. And at first, the books were shipped free only within France.Zabeti may soon need to broaden his horizons because it has gotten attentions from facebook users in other countries.

It may be a great event for launching Bouygues Telecom’s facebook page and generate discussion on the new page. Although the campaign is beautifully designed, I am curious about how the campaign will really benefit the advertiser.Will consumers really remember and recall that the Facebook book is from Bouygues Telecom, and associate them right away?

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