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I ordered pizza for ya all!

Well, sort of.  I needed something to blog about so I thought I’d order some Domino’s pizza and then write about it.  It’s almost as lame as somebody tweeeting about what they had for breakfast but there’s a great online experience with tight UI involved.  Some of you know that I don’t really like Domino’s pizza BUT their online experience is soooo cool that I’m willing to eat their product.

The first thing they have going for them is that they make finding coupons really easy.  With an easy to find link, you land on page that lists every coupon so I always feel like I’m getting a deal.  Here’s some screen grabs from the experience…the first one is the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) pizza builder, the toppings populate as you click them!

Once you’re done with your order, there’s a real time tracker for those that have a propensity to ‘watch the boiling pot’.

As you can see, Harvey began making the pizzas and then you can track them all the way through until they leave the shop for delivery….

And, if you don’t like that skin, they have a few others to choose from.  Here’s another version, the Baseball Theme:

I’m definitely over this cool experience by now but I highly recommend it for anyone interested in checking it out.  And they’ve undergone a massive effort to improve their product so it’s not all that bad.






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