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Tippex lets your imagination run wild

One thing I’ve always loved about European companies and ad campaigns is that they tend to be less conservative than their american counterparts.  Tippex sells correction fluid (i.e. White Out), pretty standard fare right?  Their latest YouTube campaign gets a bit more risque than your typical office supply ad.  Tippex also does a great job using YouTube and a little meta data to predict the whims of a juvenile 30-something year-old grad student — capitilizing on my lack of maturity.  If you know any juvenile 30-something year-old grad students then you know this ad is far from conservative.  The ad presents a YouTube video of a hunter about to shoot a bear.  The ad then asks viewers to decide the fate of the bear.  Try it yourself.

Now this is where the fun begins…

After making your decision you will be presented with an opportunity to rewrite the story — hence your need for correction fluid or Tippex to be specific.  I stretched my imagination in the 15 minutes that I engaged and failed to find an act that the campaign did not anticipate.  My imagination limits admittedly begin and end in the realm of a 12 year-old boy. But hey, who wouldn’t want to see a hunter “shag”, get drunk with, smoke with, rap with, and marry a bear?

Tippex Ad
The last time I checked on the YouTube channel, the video was shy of 13 million views.  This is reminiscent of the creepy Burger King chicken from a few years ago.  However I commend Tippex for finding a way to capture a solid portion of my lunch hour.   During lunch I typically break into full A.D.D. mode while scouring the web — 30 seconds of engagement is considered impressive, nevermind 15 minutes.  Tippex is definitely in my brand awareness now.  The next time I open my job’s Staples catalog I’ll be sure to see if Tippex is offered in the US market.

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