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‘Old Spice Guy’ Scores Marketing Coup with YouTube Videos

Source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2366477,00.asp

‘Old Spice Guy’ Scores Mrketing Coup with Youtube Videos

By Chole Albanesius




I am pretty sure every one has seen this guy during the recent months and feel impressed by the slogan of the ad “I am the man your man could smell like!”

I watched this ad on Youtube channel few months ago, at that period of time I just felt it was cool and the guy, Isaiah Mustafa, is the best representative for the man’s deodorant. But today when I read this article, it made me learned more about how successul the ad was in terms of generating the buzz, creating the interaction with customers, and making the video views shot up in a short time.

Specifically, on Youtube Channel, there are tons of Old Spice Guy videos where he responded and answered questions from the Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit communities. I like this creative idea by using bombarding videos online to interact with the customers with this adorable guy who spoke in a manner of elegant and tender.

The company firstly set up a Twitter account and invited customers to ask Mustafa questions and he would answered their questions by using YouTude videos. Each vidoes started from “Re: ” to each specific customer. The videos are on average 30 seconds with Mustafa’s humorous responses to generate much more buzz and retweets.

The video example is his response to@kevinrose who was sick that time by saying

[Isaiah Mustafa]
Hello, Kevin, how are you? Feeling better, I hope. I personally never had a fever because my body is 98% muscle and muscles can’t get sick. The one percent of my body that isn’t muscle is my ears. They are made of cartilage, but i did some research and it doesn’t look like, you can’t get a fever in your ears, which I think we both can agree that its a glorious thing. With that being said, although I am clearly winning in the physical department, you seem to have the edge intellectually because your a genius at the internet. Can you imagine your smart brain can team up with my smart muscle body, and wildly handsome face parts. No, you can’t. I can’t. No one, can. Cause if anyone tried to imagine that their brain would explode and that’s just not healthy. Thanks again Kevin, or in your genius smart computer language, 10010110100001101.

(source: http://lybio.net/old-spice-re-kevinrose/people-blogs/)

Another example is a woman asking if the guy is single and ask his phone number. Below is his response.

[Isaiah Mustafa]
JessicaRMurray writes on Twitter, “I wonder if the @oldspice guy is single? He should send me a YouTube video with his phone number. Holla!” I wonder if the Old Spice Guy is single? He should send me a Youtube video with his phone number. Holla! Hello, Jessica R Murray, I am currently in an un-dieing relationship to the emotional heart muscle and sophisticated emotional feelings of every women on the face of the entire Earth and some parts of Mars, so in a way, I am already in a relationship with you, Jess, now and forever, oh, and I don’t have a phone number, cause I prefer to communicate through heart whisperings, I can, however, offer you this, its a Fresh Water Fish, I caught it just for you.

(source: http://lybio.net/old-spice-re-jessicarmurray/people-blogs/)

During this back and forth questioning and answerings by Twitter and Youtube Videos, consumers could see the guy was truely answering thier questions and therefore more questions from more consumers rushed in. This campaign gained a great success and I am quite sure that female customers would buy this product for their men to use even if their man does not look like Mastufa but when they use the Old Spice product, they smell like him, and when the women see the Old Spice product, they think about the Old Spice Guy. =)

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