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Online stalking just got easier, it seems

After reading several news stories about cyber bulling, I ended up on this website: www.safetyweb.com.  From this website you can submit an email address and for “$10 a month or $100 for the year” you can get updates from Facebook and MySpace about online interactions associated with any email address (presumably your kid’s).  And the service can be extended to cell phone numbers and text messages (probably for a pretty penny).  What?? I know my parents would love this, as would many others, but all I can think about is the potential for this service to be abused.  It creeps me out thinking that anyone with $10 a month can monitor my every move online, or have access to the phone numbers I dial. Now I don’t actually know how this works (I was too skeptical to even submit my own email address), but there must be some kind of security system to prevent strangers from accessing your information.  I don’t know, I’m not all that excited that this website exists, but I’m sure it could be beneficial (that is, if it’s not a scam).

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