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Say goodbye to the ugly QR code

 You probably heard about QR code. This evolved type of barcode can save much more information and use much less space than barcode. With prevalence of smartphone, QR code is used more and more, especially for the marketing communication. If you ever have watched or experienced this little tiny black dots link to the whole cool webpage when you just scanned it, you can understand why QR code is another ‘it’ item for mobile marketing.

 But, wait. Is it just me who feel this random-arranged black dots look ugly and intimidating? You will never know what will come out before you take out your phone, turn on the scanning app, and shoot it. They can do nothing alone. And again, every code seems really similar. Where are differentiations and identities? So here comes the new one. Fashionable and colorful. It is called ‘colorzip.’

evolution of barcode

 Colorzip saves digital data on each color and sends contents to the device when users scan it. It is available through any types of media in color and can be created with various tools-even with color pencils! Besides, Colorzip is easily read even with low-pixel(160X120) camera.


 Of course, Colorzip needs its application to scan it. You may think ‘so then, what about it? This is just pretty QR code and still it does not give me nothing without smartphone and apps.’ But, another good point of Colorzip is their designability and marketing value. Because it allows various chance to design the code, you can create little brand logo as a digital code.

 Look at this tag. Lotte members-one of the largest company in South Korea developed a Colorzip when the company sponsored Zarasum international jazz festival. Once you scan the code, it will directly link to the mobile web page of the festival.

 Unlike QR code, Colorzip makes company show their brand name on the code and it has stronger marketing value. There were huge billboard ads during the jazz festival, and isn’t it looks better than black and white QR code? (Forgive about Korean. It says ‘Wonder the Jazz festival?’, ‘Download the Colorzip application and scan this.’)

 Colorzip is the result of another effort to deliver information in various and interesting way. Don’t harm your product’s design with boring code. Bring out your creativity and keep poking your customers curiosity.

P.S. You can generate your Colorzip code here, but they serve in Korean yet. They have USA web page for further information.

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