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Blacklisted by AOL

A few weeks ago at work, we found out that our corporate e-mails had been hacked by a spammer and was sending out spam under our e-mail addresses to everyone on our list serve.  As a result, we had been blocked by AOL as spam and could not send any messages to our clients with AOL based e-mails.  We contacted our web provider, who in turn contacted AOL and found that they would not permit out e-mails until all the spamming had ceased. Since many of the office personnel have the same passwords, we had to go in and change every password for each of our accounts.  Once the spamming stopped, we still were not permitted to send e-mails to AOL accounts for several weeks to make sure that the spamming had indeed ceased, forcing us to use personal e-mail accounts or open up Gmail accounts to send e-mails.  This reminded me of our class on e-mail and how not to be blacklisted from e-mail providers.  It just goes to show you how important it is to make sure that your passwords are secure, especially in a business setting.  We were cut off from contact with countless clients, vendors, as well as our CEO for almost a month and have just now resumed contact.  To prevent this from happening again, we had to have a meeting with all of our office personnel, give them all new passwords and explain to them how to keep their password safe and what kinds of sites to avoid.  Needless to say it was a frustrating ordeal to have to go through.


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