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Hashable: No More Business Cards?

Have you heard about Hashable?

Hashable is another social networking platform that focuses on social relationships. It works through Twitter, email, and Hashable.com website . What you have to do is to create a profile with a personal information. The activity starts when you introduce people to each other. You can do it through Twitter by mentioning them in a tweet along with Hashable and including an #intro hashtag. It works similarly on email and through the website. Two people are introduced and they can see each other personal information on an “ice breaker” page. An interesting part is the Hashable leaderboard which shows your HashCred points and your ranking. The more people you introduce, the more points and the higher your ranking is.

The question is: Are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn not enough?

Michael Yavonditte, the CEO, believes that Hashable is different from Facebook and Twitter because of the focus on relationships. It filters the contacts and provide users more relevant information. It also records the interactions you have with your contact and also show other people your network and who they might want to be introduced. Yavonditte claimed that Hashable might get rid of business cards in the future.

Hashable Iphone app has just launched 2 days ago. The app gets all your contacts from your phone, Twitter and Gmail. it allows you to introduce any two people in your address book(s), or record a connection that you make with a person  for example, #justmet, #beers, #meeting, #thanks.

Personally, it sounds very interesting to me. It’s more of a business platform, yet, it gives personal information about your interaction with the contacts. To compare with LinkedIn, it provides more relevant and current content. Your contacts are people that you currently interact with and not the old friends you haven’t met for years. However, is it too informal for the business world? Will people adapt to this online introduction to each other?

What do you think?


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