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Sears: Leading the way in mobile marketing

Mobile telephones are steadily converging digital and social media technology. Marketers understand the ability of mobile devices to reach audiences instantly. With the holiday season upon us, Sears is trying to capitalize on mobile as a channel to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. According to Imran Jooma, president of ecommerce at Sears Holdings, “We want to let our customers shop whenever they want and however they want, and our customers are using mobile devices to shop,” Sears has successfully integrated various mobile tactics. Here’s a breakdown of the different mobile channels they are using.

1. Commerce-enabled mobile Web sites: Kmart2Go and Sears2Go

  • This application has complete access to the full list of items and categories available on Kmart.com and Sears.com

2. Mobile Apps

  • iPhone and iPod touch apps:  These apps have several features that making mobile shopping easier. Some features include: search, browse and buy functionality, deals and favorites sections, location-based and weather-based offers, a store locator using GPS or ZIP code, and sharing via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sears Personal Shopper applications for multiple operating systems: This application allows consumers to take a picture of a product they want to purchase, send it to Sears’ team of personal shoppers. Consumers then receive a notification via phone or email when the product is located.

3. QR codes

  • Sears and Kmart included QR codes in their catalogs and circulars which lets consumers scan them to access detailed product descriptions and other information on their mobile devices.

4. Location-based check-ins: Checkpoints

  • Kmart partnered with Checkpoints turning to location-based mobile service to offer incentives for consumers who check-in their stores.
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