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Facebook book

Do you want a Facebook book? Of course, I do.

The interesting article introduced a new Facebook application, which is bringing the famous social-networking site full circle. The tool lets people take Facebook literally, creating hardcover versions of Facebook profiles — think “Facebook in a book.”

The application lets Facebook users set their own parameters: Users can choose up to 10 friends to include in the book and the timeline they’d like it to cover. The app then pulls pictures, status updates and comments from the user’s newsfeed and compiles them into a hardcover book — with a cover colored that signature Facebook shade of blue. Users even have the option to take out the embarrassing photos they aren’t so eager to remember.

The idea came from creative director Siavosh Zabeti, when French telecommunications company Bouygues Telecom recruited his ad agency DDB Paris to help launch the company’s Facebook platform.

As Zabeti said, he wanted to bring permanence to social networking. “We didn’t want to create something that would last two weeks,” Zabeti told FoxNews.com. “We wanted to create something that you could put on your coffee table and would last forever. You do so many things on the social network, but then you easily forget about it. So we wanted to sustain those memories.” “It’s better to touch your memories and look them over again and again than see them once and just forget about them,”

In this case, I believe that the execution needs to be carefully considered. Since the application users look forward to seeing the actual Facebook book, they have high expectation of the book. The application, for example, may require high quality image for printing. No one wants to have a actual book with blurry pictures. Usually the response to this kind of events, from the virtual to the actual, is huge than we thought.

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