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Apple vs. Google:e-Magazines as an example…

It seems that the competition between Apple & Google is becoming more aggressive. What is interesting about it, is using other players and multiple platforms. Starting from the iPhone vs. Android, iPad vs. Galaxy  (it is a Samsung device but powered by Android), Google TV vs. Apple TV, Chrome browser vs. Safari, Chrome OS VS. OS X and even the rumored competition over cloud computing.

Google is categorized as a software company that offers free services and uses different hardware platforms even if it was an Apple product. Although this might seem something wrong to do, Google at the end benefits from the big number of Apple consumers. Google has an iPhone app that uses voice recognition, AR (augmented Reality) under the name of Google Goggles, Google Earth, Google Voice and now Google e-books. Google even enabled their reader to work on mobile devices to allow users to use Google docs bundle within smart phones and tablets.


How is Google competing with Apple then? If all services could be used by Apple hardware? The answer is: TIME!


Many Google products/services are launched first in android enabled devices. This allows Google and its partners like Motorola, Samsung, Verizon, HTC, Logitech & Sony to gain a competitive advantage over Apple’s products. Android customers will enjoy the services first and will feel special and that they have better services and more options than iOS owners do. Google Also distinguishes itself by providing its services to many hardward companies whereas Apple software is usually used on Apple hardware.


Interesting news is suggesting that Google is using another competitor, Amazon’s Kindle, to compete with iPad’s plans to jump start the e-Magazine business. At the time that Apple will start an only iPad daily newspaper published by the Murdoch empire, Kindle will allow e-magazines to be browsed on its app but only through Android devices. Again, since Kindle has an app on iOS devices, we might see this feature in the future but for now, the Android guys will enjoy it.

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