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BMW Subliminal Ad

Subliminal ads have always created controversy . Finding ways to persuade customers without making them aware first, might upset them. Some types of subliminal stimuli trick the subconscious mind to make it familiar with a new product or to keep the image, logo or even the service of that product.


BMW, experimented a subliminal ad that inserts the BMW logo image into your head when you close your eyes. BMW, added a BMW letters cutout in front of  a Pro 7b flash unit and behind a cinema screen in Germany.


Check this video that explains the experiment:


The effect shows when you close your eyes after viewing the ad. What makes the ad interesting is that it is simple, does not mention the brand at all and perfectly executed. I can argue that this ad is not completely subliminal because customers clearly and subconsciously know that this is a BMW ad when they see the letters flash.


Also, not everyone will see the letters if they chose not to close the ads. We saw in the video, that customers liked the ad and thought it was brilliant. I liked the ad because it is different and it sticks in your mind. At the end, BMW succeeded in translating “Engage me & I will understand” into a real ad.

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