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Forecast 2011

According to this article, AdweekMedia editors take a look at what’s ahead in the digital world.

Even online advertising, while growing, is being thrown into turmoil by the rise of exchanges, data resellers and Wall Street-like trading desks.

While search advertising remains the backbone of that industry, the display market has roared back in 2010, and should continue to show strength, though all is not perfect even there.

“Interactive advertising will continue to be healthy next year,” says Howard Bass, senior partner at Ernst & Young. “But there are many initiatives under way to [better] understand the value being delivered.” In other words, big traditional brands are still figuring the Web out. And the landscape, loaded with middlemen, is only getting more complex. “Internet advertising is building its credibility,” says Bass. “Right now, it’s a confusing space.”

Social Media’s Massive Growth

Nearly one in four page views in the U.S., or 24.2 percent, took place on Facebook.com in 2010 as of November, per Hitwise.

That’s 3.8 times the volume of the No. 2 site, YouTube.com, which generated 6.39 percent.

Last March, Facebook surpassed Google in traffic volume, found Hitwise. Since then, Facebook’s page views have surged by 60 percent.

Facebook’s U.S. revenue projection: $835 billion in 2010, $1,060 billion in 2011—a 112 percent surge (eMarketer).

Facebook reached 151.1 million unique users in October (comScore).

Twitter.com reached 25.1 million in October-though millions more via other applications.

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