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Meatlovers, Tuscani pasta, and breadsticks to go!

I love pizza.  I am in grad school.  Obviously two statements that are not mutually exclusive.  I think pizza fell into my favorite food group during finals this year.  Regardless, there is one pizza chain that has continued to impress me through all my pizza eating semesters:  Pizza Hut.  But let me get one thing straight…I am in no way claiming Pizza Hut as my favorite slice – I’m just commenting on their ability to reduce my skepticism.  Now that we got that out of the way…

I’ve noticed over the years that PH seems to be the industry leader on offering new products.  They are always doing funky things to their crust  (I realize that sounds weird!) stuffing it with cheese, serving it perforated so it tears off from the rest of the pizza, turning it into a breadstick, etc.  They also offer pastas, wings, calzones, appetizers and desserts.  Additionally, they are the first chain to offer an iPhone app.  I’m sure the other pizza houses offer the same items, but it has always seemed to me that PH is the first to develop, launch, and market new products.  But as marketers, we know full well that an innovative product is not always the key to sales.  In the days of oversaturation, other components come into play such as ease of use and customer service.

This article is a prime example of how PH responds to the need for competitiveness by offering a digital ordering platform, and focusing on two demographics that are proving to be pizza lovers through and through:  http://adage.com/cmostrategy/article?article_id=143520


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