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Please don’t tweet me you twit!

I’m a fan of all the creative ways companies have harnessed the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing except for one annoying tactic that seems to be here for good.  Too many Twitter and Facebook users have become channels for retailers and brands to spam me.  An effective method to get customers to become brand ambassadors is to create contests where you have customers mention the brand – via hash tags, status updates, etc –in exchange for an opportunity to win X.  This tactic has single-handedly chased me off of Twitter.

While word-of-mouth marketing is powerful and consumers will trust a brand more if it has been recommended by a close friend or family member I do not think these tactics are effective in leveraging that trust.  When I receive 10 twitter updates from my best friend regarding the new #Nike sneakers that are amazing!!!@NikeTown I instantly suspect that he has some agenda or incentive that is causing this obsession.  I’m more likely to become engaged with the brand if tweets I receive from friends and family are more organic.  #Nike is amazing; they accepted my return without receipt after 3 months @NikeTown is more likely to convince me that this is a brand that I want to experience.

I understand the gut reaction to go for the low hanging fruit.  If I worked in the consumer goods industry I’m sure I would employ these tactics as well.  At minimum it will create an added level of brand awareness.  However brands do run the risk of creating so much noise — with the assistance of my classmates, neighbors, and friends – that consumers will ignore their messages every time a Facebook status pops up with a generic note of enthusiasm for the brand.  Brands should focus on creating awesome experiences for their customers that will result in honest, organic expressions of appreciation.  When I did engage in Twitter I made a point to highlight experiences positive and negative whenever I deemed it warranted.

Before terminating my latest affair with Twitter I removed all personal friends and spammed the living daylights out of all the various brands that were following me.  Vizio got slammed with updates about TJMax, drjays.com, Boloco, and anyone else who had a free gift card, sandwich, shopping spree, or tv for me.  This was my lame attempt to teach these brands a lesson — saddly my tweets were probably barely noticed by some poor marketing intern who monitors twitter feeds all day.  And I’m still waiting to hear about my chances to win that 65” 3-D LCD TV  :/

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