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Trend Forecasters Don’t Embrace Online Technology

Macala Wright, from Fashionably Marketing, reported that at the  AFINGO.com’s Behind The Seams for LA fashion and apparel industry, panelists didn’t give much significance to online technology.

This is a very interesting issue because as a consumer, we think all the brands now NEED online technology to help communicate and promote their brands. Instead, people behind the trends think it’s a cool tool, but no need to adopt it because the technology lacks “tangibility.”

However, Wright went to interview two fashion industry fashion forecasting experts for West Coast and East Coast insights on fashion and technology. And both of them thought that technology was “the new fashion” and forecasters would benefit from using online technology such as Stylesight, Stylelist, MyPantone and Polyvore to gather information for trends around the world. Especially in today’s fast-paced world where the consumer is evolving and expecting immediately gratification after previewing the runway collections, online technology greatly helps supply to the customers. Tracking fashion trends used to mean traveling abroad five times a year to review runway, retail and street fashion. However, one expert suggested that traditional way of collecting trend information by observing the real world, watching people in the street, and travel to the designer collections is still the driving force behind great fashion forecast.

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