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Integrated Television – Fact or Fiction

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

With all of the advances in TV’s these days, it is surprising I have yet to toss my year old 42-inch 1080 DPI HD out the window.  It is useless.  It doesn’t have 3D.  It doesn’t have apps.  It dones’t connect to the internet.  It just sits there, and records every episode of Law and Order: SVU.  Useless.

But do I really want it to do all of those things?

Last weekend, to try to get into the holiday spirit, I had a little festive gathering at my apartment.  All of the holiday staples were involved – eggnog (read: rum) ugly sweaters, the annual Comcast Yule log – the real must-haves.  I accidentally selected the 3D Yule log.  My TV really tried to give it a go, but he just didn’t have it in him.  Failure.  I felt incompetent for a moment before I realized that a 3D Yule log makes about as much sense as a HD facial mirrors.  Who in their right mind is sitting around a $3,000 TV (besides the poor yoke who waited in line on Black Friday to buy the thing) with 3D glasses on, straight-up watching the Yule log?  Get a fireplace, bro.

As much as I love it, the joy of the Yule log comes in passing it on the way to the peppermint schnapps, and getting filled with the spirit of all things capitalist –  not it actively watching the damn thing.  Also, 3D glasses make you look like an enormous tool, even if you are wearing green velvet pants via Talbots circa 1994.

TV is an inherently passive device.  You lay on the couch, and get lost for a second – or half a day.  The trend in all things digital is integration.  It’s like everybody at Sony sat around one day and thought “You know what would be sweet?  If all the phones, TVs, Computers, music players and tablets we designed did the exact same thing.”  TVs now are coming equipped with internet searching capabilities, Facebook applications and pretty much all the amenities of the internet, but from the TV.  There are amazing uses for this kind of device.  I predict that TVs with applications will be a part of the television landscapes for the rest of our lives.  That just makes good common-sense.  I will order my first one with a Law and Order:  SUV app pre-loaded.

If Steve Jobs, master of all things awesome, failed at introducing AppleTV, you can sure bet that consumers really just don’t care.  They also don’t want to wear buzz-killing 3D glasses.

I can see uses in this – I predict that gaming console will go out the window, and that games will simply be purchased one at a time through internet applications.  But games are inherently interactive – just like the internet.  TV is by nature passive.  To me, it seems like iTV is a trend, and while it will be a part of TVs forever, it will not have the life-altering, apocalyptic effects people seem to think it will.

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