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British study show…..this is just another way to advertise

Have any of you saw these ridiculer British studies about….well anything possible. From the best day of the year to sexist woman on earth, and they all have some famous professor to sign their name on it. For a lot of us, we well realize that all these research are on kind of advertising strategy that a lot of AD company will use. When readers saw these articles on newspaper, there are some message build in their mind. For example, if you read a article about traveling and one night stand, will you pay attention on the traveling advertising right by the article? I will say the answer is “Yes” !!!

However, when these researches posted on the Taiwanese news, they lose their original purpose already.

Dr. Ben Goldacre, author of “Bad Silence”, shows several cases in his book to show how this advertising strategy is using.  For example on the sexist women on earth, which show the Jessica Alba is the perfect model type, Professor Richard Weber of Cambridge University and his team is responsible for this study. However, this is actually a advertisement that Clarion did for Veet, and there are no study at all.  Saw the original article below.


In this case, professor Weber is been used by Clarion, but some professors obviously doing all these fake research for money. One of the most famous one is Cliff Arnal, and he is famous in invented equations, such as the happiest day of the year and the worst day of the year. Needless to say, there are sponsors behind these equations, and the purpose are sell sell and sell. If you try to argue with him, it will just make his day even better.  see the link below.


Well, I won’t denied that this is a very interesting way to advertise, but what happen if the company name is removed from the article?

On the Yahoo Taiwan website, these articles are often translate and been consider as some sort of series news no matter how ridiculer they sounds.  For most people, they won’t try to exam the reliability of these articles and often time believes these are true. I will say it is a tragedy that people will believe in these articles just because it is on the internet.

In the following, I will show some recent article that start with British Study shows….

1)  British Study Shows Organic Milk are Healthier. For Now.

The fire paragraph is talking about the benefit of Organic Milk decrease……but this is really an advertisement for Scottish Spirits to  show their new can whisky product.


2)British Study Shows eating more and exercising less will make you fat

You really need to do a study on this……


3)British Study Shows Man Make-Up is on the Rise

OK, the title can not be simpler anymore. Guess what kind of click-in ads is by the site?   Beer!!! just kidding..Men’s make up product


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