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Top Reasons Why Consumers Unsubscribe Via E-mail,Facebook and Twitter

When online social networks get lots of buzz and companies take these tools to catch consumers’ attention, there is one thing we should think about: “Do social networks really help the company win consumers’ minds or just help the consumers get rid of them?” The article on Mashable.com shows us the top reasons why consumers unsubscribe via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

According to a report by social media and e-mail marketing services company Exact Target, at least 90% of consumers unsubscribed from the brands or no longer read the information posted by the brands due to too frequent, boring and repetitive communications.

Look at the images from the article on Mashable.com below. Here are top reasons why consumers stopped subscribing to the brands via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

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It is nice to know these reasons because the companies can avoid some mistakes and utilize these tools properly. Although social networks provide an opportunity for brands to get close to the consumers, it is hard to gain consumers favor without using them carefully. The companies should take several things into account when choosing e-mail, Facebook and Twitter as their tools to buzz brands’ stories.

First, as far as consumers are concerned, they like products but they don’t want to hear from brands every day or every hour. It is not necessary for them to follow brands 24 hours. Too frequent mail they receive and too much information about brands on their walls can be very annoying. Once these brand messages become annoying, the consumers would not be willing to read them at all but would get rid of them. Consumers would unsubscribe from the brands, delete mail without reading and dislike the brands. Therefore, it is better to send messages to the consumers at the right time, such as sales season or just once a week or once a month. This can make consumers more aware of the brands’ messages.

The company should think about what the main purpose of using social networks is and how often should they send mail and posts.

In addition, the content of mail and information they send is important, and promotional ads are not the only information they can send to the customers. The companies should think about whether the messages and information they send are useful and relevant. According to this report, one reason for consumers to refuse the brands is that the content of messages they send is too boring and repetitive, especially promotion ads. The companies should keep in mind that too frequent promotions would result in diluting the brand equity and changing consumers’ behaviors. Useful and relevant information enables more consumers to get involved into the brand. For example, the bike manufacturer, Giant posts its newest biking activities rather than promotional ads on Facebook, which allows its target consumers to discuss it actively.

Furthermore, the companies should take the effects of these tools into account. Social networks and e-mail are just tools for marketing the brands, and they are not the only methods for achieving the company’s ultimate goal: making more profits. There is no denying that these social networks and e-mail can make people aware of the brands, but making more profits is questionable. It is not necessary that all the messages they send reach their target segments. If the companies do not send the right messages to the right persons, these tools are just tools to let people know the existence of the brands rather than encourage them to buy the products. Therefore, they should think about where their target audiences are and how to send the right message to them at the right time, further increasing the effects of these tools.

To sum up, knowing about these reasons is crucial because it provides the companies with a chance to think about how people feel about their marketing tools and the effects of these tools. Moreover, they can modify their strategies to reach their target customers.


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