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Google Health: A foray into electronic medical records

Even though I’ve been using a Google account for years now, I was never aware of the Google Health tool until I read this (albeit three year-old) article on Mashable.

Google Health iconElectronic medical records (EMRs) are just one way that health care organizations are emerging into the world of internet technology and social media. Like other social media applications, EMRs allow patients/users to share their [health] information with a wide range of people – other patients, physicians, specialists, personal caregivers, etc.

Google Health seems to be a fairly user-friendly application in terms of EMRs. Patients can utilize tools in four main categories: their personal Health profile, importing of medical records, exploring online health services, and even a doctor search. Patients can now simply update their health information as it changes, and then print out the page to take to a doctor’s appointment (instead of struggling to remember minute changes in their health routines – i.e. new vitamins/supplements/exercise – like the majority of us do!).

Although it’s likely that most patients will use Google Health for their personal information, this application can also be used to manage the information of other people that someone may be caring for – such as an older parent who might not be familiar with the Internet.

I haven’t exactly seen or heard any marketing for Google Health yet, which is unfortunate because it seems like a highly useful, easy-to-use system that can benefit patients and providers alike.

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