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A Day Made of Glass

    When our life comes like that, is it really interesting and inspiring? By using different kinds of glass, people can reach their family and friends, who are living far away, or have telecommunicating meeting with business partners, who are staying different continents. A day made of glass seems a new generation. It makes our more convenient, flexible and interactive.

    The video named “A Day Made of Glass” was made by Corning, “the world leader in glass. Some people say the life in this video may come true in 10 years. Corning doesn’t make it like scenarios. The company really devotes to research that make it come true in the not too far future. When our life fills with electronically enabled, touch-sensitive and interactive display glass that become household stuffs in the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and car, this new generation will influence how people’s communication networks.  

    After being uploaded a month ago on YouTube by Corning and quickly discussed by other social network like facebook and twitter, it has received over 8 million views and 1,300 comments so far. How powerful the social media it is! It not only makes people re-recognize Coring and their product, but also give us the new ways to learn information. The video depicts a world in which interactive glass technology help people stay connect with updated delivery of real- time information, no matter that you are working, shopping, or eating.

    In addition to admiring how innovative this video is, we also are impressed by how people’s communication way changes. If our world really become like that, the advertisers will have more different opportunities to communication with their target audiences. Because these interactive glass will exist in our life everywhere, they seems will be more useful and directly communication tool to target consumers. By using those interactive glass surfaces, marketers can design interactive campaign to attract their consumers. For example, the marketers can use flexible displaying glass to show their product for consumers. Consumers can try it anywhere and even share the result with their friend immediately. With these new interactive glasses, our life and marketing campaign will become more interesting.

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