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Wheat Thins is NOT following me on Twitter (YET!)

As annoying as the new Wheat Thins campaign is, I admit they have the right idea. With the use of social media, Wheat Thins has engaged consumers in a real dialogue instead of one-way advertising messages.

The campaign seeks to reward people’s conversations about Wheat Thins by surprising them in an unexpected and fun way. The ads in the campaign show a team of bright yellow, overenthusiastic brand reps, in a van prominently displaying Wheat Thins’ “The Crunch Is Calling” theme, tracking down and surprising young tweeters who have mentioned Wheat Thins in one of their tweets. Each tweeter is presented with a Wheat Thins gift that ties into the content of his/her tweet. I found myself a little confused at first but we’ve all seen ads for Publishers Clearing House-they are so exciting! Same thing– now with crackers. Many social media prize campaigns go unnoticed, many times because they promise grandiose things and never really show anyone succeeding. [I always wonder about that too.] Wheat Thins is relishing in the genuine hilarity and intrigue of actually documenting the process of gifting their award winners.

The videos, which have generated over 1.2 million views, can be viewed on Facebook (www.facebook.com/wheatthins) and YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/crunchiscalling).  Since last year, more than 1300 boxes of Wheat Thins have been sent to people who talked about the product on Facebook and Twitter.

These commercials represent a general corporate migration from traditional advertisement methods to viral advertising through social media. Kraft Foods’ SVP of global biscuits, Mark Clouse said,  “The goal on social media is to make sure our language is coming across as human and not as lawyer- or corporate-speak.”  Exactly!!


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