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Mobil Application Trend

More and more Mobil phone users start to use smart phone or phone that allow applications, the are several application trend that marketers can’t ignore as these trends can provide unique marketing opportunities.

1. Localize Search and Deal Update

The explosion of location-based technology was revolutionary in the app world. Now we’re using that location information to deliver personalized and relevant updates and alerts. The number of apps and services that support hyper-local experiences is on the small side, but this is an area that is ripe for growth. These applications give the users the available offers around them, and most of them might be urgent to consume.

2. Integration with Drop Box and Other Cloud Services

A growing number of applications are taking advantage of the APIs provided by companies like Drop Box and Box.net and building in-app support for cloud storage and file access.

What this means is that when composing a document or a note on an iPhone or iPad, that same document can be retrieved and edited on an Android device, Black Berry a desktop or a laptop. The use of Dropbox and other cloud storage tools within mobile apps has evolved over the last year — shifting from a simple way to access documents to treating Dropbox as the default place to store files.

The application will allow application users have the access to upload and download their files anytime anywhere.

3. Easy Access to Twitter, Flicker, Facebook, and other social network website

It is not new that Mobil phone can access to different social network website, but more and more applications have the option to link with these social network website. Sharing photos, videos, checkin information and status updates to a variety of different networks is becoming the norm. Users will upload their achievement on game to receive the bragging right.

4. Front-Facing Camera Application.

One camera is history. The standard for Smart Phone now are 2 cameras, one front and one back.  Therefore, the opportunity for Front Camera application is created. Even though users might not be interesting now, they might use it in the future if it is available.

5. Photo and Video Filter

In late 2010, photo sharing application really started to take over the mobile app space. Photography has always been a popular mobile app category — from Flickr to Facebook — and mobile phones are consistently the most popular cameras in existence. However, phone cameras are often time less functional and the quality of the picture isn’t alway satisfied.

These applications provided a low level photo filter, and it provide incredible effect on the picture taking.

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