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From facebook to Liberation square

From Facebook to Egypt Liberation Square

The advanced technology dramatically changing the way people communicate with each.

In North Africa, the “socialized politics” inspire intense energy. Tunisia and Egypt, have forced leaders to step down. This massive movement stretches for several months. Undoubtly, the “social media” like facebook and twitter have played a prominent role. The function of social media has long been beyond the media property, the integration has become a free tool to mobilize the civil community.

As one of the American scholar pointed out, social media is just a catalyst, unfair hegemony is the origin of the revolution.Long-standing hegemony, providing the social space for the ultimate outbreak.

February 12 morning, the Egyptians Haytham Abd Elazeem updated a record on his facebook home page: Egyptians, be proud of it. Hours earlier, the ruling 30 years of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation. Starting from January 25, Haise Mu and his compatriots spent 18 days to finally have this result.

December last year, the outbreak in Tunisia “Jasmine Revolution” has so far spread to Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and other countries.

Although the reality of different countries are differed from each other, but in the deep heart of the tens of thousands of people who went to the streets, Facebook, Twitter, without exception, played an important role.

“If there is no Facebook, there is no 25 January parade, and there will be no success in Egypt.” Haise Mu told said. In order to remember Facebook’s credit, one of his compatriots, even named his newborn daughter Facebook.

No matter people love or hate social media, one thing can not be avoided, that it has become an important force in the business world of mankind. All business organizations are in the study of its marketing value, and also studying how this force in the calculations for my own use.

The valuation of Facebook and Twitter, continued to rise, but also tells us that this social wave has just begun. This also means that no one can avoid the wave of this wave: If you do not want to be drowned, the only serious thing you can do is to  learning to swim.


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