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Without Google

Goolge, undoubtedly, one of the world’s famous companies. It not only allows people to freely access information and give reasons for the existence of e-commerce, the most important thing is that it proved to the world: the Free can also be profitable! Perhaps all this makes you want to know more–how the world would be like without Google?


Yahoo, once was google’s biggest rival, now being thrown far behind. Yahoo has all the things that required for success: adequate capital, a broad customer base, strong business. But what it really needs is a leader has a great insight to lead the company to success. If not because of Google, Yahoo has the entirely possible way to obtain huge space for development areas, and will eventually became the most most influential Internet company- but not Microsoft or Google.


This gives us the reason to believe: Even if there is no other competitors will beat Yahoo other than Google, Yahoo is still going to die, perhaps this is the fate of Yahoo.



If google is the light at the end of the tunnel, then Microsoft is the darkness among the tunnel-ubiquitous, but very difficult to detect. If not google, open source will never comes. Windows operating system are still gonna be powerful, desk software will always be important. “Unfortunately”, Google has brought the concept of cloud computing and developed a rich base and cloud computing services. If any services can be achieved in the cloud computing, this directly give threat to the Windows operating system. But in the meanwhile, Google and Microsoft also have to face competition from the introduction of online versions of word and Windows Azure.


Perhaps you might want to think about to challenge other competitors of Microsoft. Howerver, who else would be such capital to challenge Google?  How about Apple? Android and ISO. Well, think this question from the other angle: If there is no Google maps, Youtube and Web applications which are based on web, i Phone’s applicability will be greatly reduced. Perhaps iPhone will lose the competition with the Black Berry and Windows Mobile to some extent.

If we really don’t have Google, our lifestyle will change for sure, so we should thank Google for giving us various free information.


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