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GrubWith.us: Who is gonna have dinner with me?

In our daily life, we often encounter problems like: Where to have dinner? How to meet new friends? What to do during the weekend?……Especially for people who are busy working everyday, these kind of questions always bothering them. But now, many web applications dedicated to solve these problems. Here is a great example—GrubWith.us—a brand new application. It will help address this problem:” who will you have meal together?” This is the so-called socialized-restaurant services, incorporated the group buying features, meanwhile, allowing users to get to know new  friends while having meals to expand social networks. This is particularly appropriate for people today who are always busy with work.


Site Name: GrubWith.us (http://www.grubwith.us)

Launch Time: 2011


GrubWith.us site is a project invested by the well-known Silicon Valley venture Y-Combinator, this shows some kind of dinner culture. Everyday, GrubWith.us site is looking for places that provide high quality food, and have nice environment, and then collect the participants who are interested in. It is a bit similar to group buying, to make the group of customers to buy position, and then let the strangers (probably) to have a dinner and make friends.

Currently, GrubWith.us site mainly launched and provide services in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington and other cities. When the user access to the site of particular city, they will find some dinner information, including time, place, restaurant and food introduction, prices, the participants, registration position, number and also how many seats are still left and so on. When the customers click on the website, they can view specific information of this dinner, and then make the order as the same as normal online purchasing to order to participate in “dinner buy” to enjoy the meal.

In order to encourage the first customer to participate,  Grub With.us will give the 10%-20% discount for the first participant. Once the customer pay for the dinner, and also they reach the required number of people, the dinner gathering will start, people who arrives too late or don’t attend can’t get the money return. GrubWith.us will make sure that they provide the dishes and beverages or drinks they listed on the agreement.  And of course, if customers need to add the extra dishes or drinks, then an additional fee will be charged accordingly.

We can see the GrubWith.us has the nature of group buying, like Groupon. The concept of integrated into strangers circle through selling one or more meals a day is very popular in nowadays. Since the website is launched, almost each Dinner is booked up.

With the development of online marketing, these various kinds of websites have solved some concerns of people who are worrying that the invention of Internet will isolate people from each other and decrease the connection between people, but actually, with application of these websites, technology helped to enhance the connection between each individual, more over, make the world shrink into a more and more smaller world, even people in different corner of the world will have the chance to know each other and even have dinner together to know much deeper of each other.

Meanwhile there is a problem needed to be considered, the group buying behavior is applicable, but for some people, to social with strangers, especially to have dinner with people you don’t know, this will lay a big challenge for some people, the applicable range is still limited.

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