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BMW Makes A Lasting Impression

Thinking outside the box, BMW used a focus group to play what they thought was a new commercial for the motorcycle division in a cinema setting.  At the end of the commercial, the rider asks the audience to look deep within themselves to realize their own dreams.  They were surprised to see the letters “BMW” appear behind their eyelids.

How did BMW do it?  They used a cutout of the letters and a flash behind the projection screen, and a phenomenon called afterimage effect. Right before the audience was asked to close their eyes, they unknowingly received a flash that left the impression.

BMW was able to take a traditional media platform that was once a one way conversation, and make it interactive.  Additionally, without having to display their logo in the ad they still left a lasting impression.  What they got out of it, was an astonished audience that was blown away by how BMW was able to manipulate their vision, and seemingly get inside their heads.  BMW gained a great amount of talk value both for the commercial, and the buzz around the experiment.

Obviously this can’t be recreated for mass media, but it doesn’t have to be.  This experiment is already getting a lot of attention for both its creativity and controversy.  Some critics feel that their actions were unethical as the audience was not aware they were going to have an image “burned” into their eyes.  Others think that BMW took a calculated risk and it paid off.  I think this is a great example of taking an existing idea or concept and merging it with today’s customers desire for involvement.

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