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Learning from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Crash

Cloud computing has the potential to be the next big technology.  However, this past Wednesday, Amazon cloud computing service crashed.  The collapse of this system shows us that there is still a lot to perfect in this technology. It also reminds us  that being technology, it is not perfect and there is still the capability for it fail every once in a while.  As a society, we have become reliant on our technology.  

I was not even aware that Amazon offered this type of technology, but there are some large and small companies who rely on this to store and deliver content, including Foursquare and Netflix. The unavailability of Foursquare affects not only the company themselves, but the users as well.  It goes beyond Amazon disappointing their customers, but extends to their customers, customers as well.  Fortunately, Netflix was not affected by this crash but many other companies were.  These companies were not prepared for if something of this large scale were to happen.   

The issues caused excessive backup of the data storage which caused downtown on hundreds (maybe even thousands of websites) for over 24 hours.  The technology was supposedly built so that if something went down in the system, it would fail independently and not cause the entire system to crash.  Prior to cloud computing services, if a system went down, it really only affected a single website or even a handful of websites. Now with this new technology, it has a larger scale impact.  Since this technology offers many wonderful benefits, companies will need to establish ways to protect themselves against the possibility of technological complications.

This failure could cause huge issues for Amazon.  They failed to deliver on a service they offer to many companies who rely on them, causing these companies to lose out on millions of dollars in revenues.  Will Amazon be able to recover from this and maintain a prominent position in the cloud computing market? The updated provided updates to the customers about the issues consistently.  They were honest with their customers and addressed the issue right away, but will this be enough to keep their customers satisfied?

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