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New Media Still Needs Old Media To Survive

If anyone can publish a blog, create a video or launch a meme, you’d think that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube would be the empires of the new, with the latest self-made stars forever in control of the cultural conversation, but here’s the thing: you’d be wrong.

recent report from HP Labs confirms the exact opposite: the most popular sources of information on Twitter are actually traditional news media outlets like CNN, ESPN and The New York Times.

One might ask why. It’s simple, really: because people like to share information that impacts large audiences, and because traditional media still has information-gathering resources and robust distribution platforms that “new” media can’t live without.

In other words, no matter how easy social media makes it to talk to others, people still need something to talk about.  New media still just doesn’t have the same impact as those mediums that are considered more “traditional”.

Social media allows people to act in ways that are perfectly natural.  We are social beings and we like to share information; social media just makes it more convenient for us to do this!

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