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Google +1 Button: A Little Item with Huge Influence

Google announced a tiny button of +1 several weeks ago, even though we have not seen it formally launched at this point. Google has released the official introduction and said this function is around the corner.

At the first glance, people will view this function as a copycat action of Google mimicking Facebook’s “like” button. However, thanks to Google’s complete platform covering every aspect of users’ experiences, this +1 button will come into sights in many occasions: every SRP, every sponsored search, and most excitingly, every normal webpage where a page owner can use embedded coding to introduce this function. Every single user who hit the button means many of their friends seeing them liking the object, and users must log in to see and use this function. As a powerful tools of “light” recommendations showing up almost everywhere, this +1 button bring following huge changes in SEO execution:

1. Will this affect the ranking in the SRP?

SEO has been focused on how to elevate the ranking in SRP, and then attract more “hits.” However, it is still unclear that how the introduction of +1 button will influence rankings of webpages based on how many “+1” they gather. Moreover, it is also possible that Google will set up a designated area for “recommended by friends” links. These idea will alter the ecosystem of current search because it engage the social networking elements and enhance the persuasiveness of rankings.

2. Who will be your “friends” seeing what you hit +1?

Unlike Facebook, we do not fo through official process to identify our “friends” in Google’s system. However, this function involves the social networks of users so it raise a question about what it takes to define a “friend” for Google. According to its experience from Google Buzz, it may identify “friends” based on the frequency that we contact with certain people. But the privacy issues that had bothered Facebook may also influence Google’s decision on how they utilize data from other function for new products.

3.The traffic in every webpage now can influence the hit rate of search result.

In the past, the traffic within a website will not necessarily affect its ranking in the SRP. However, “+1” button embedded in a website now can serve as a linkage between website traffic and Google’s SRP because when users hit the “+1” button in a website, their friends will see it on related SRP. In this way, the click-through-rate will increase when one website gather adequate “+1” and then it SRP ranking will be altered accordingly.

Mentioned above are the possible influences that this little button will bring, and more effects will take place when both SEO marketers and Google keeps optimizing search efficiency and deeper influence that a SRP can make.

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