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How to: Celebrate Earth Day Online

When I read this article, there are two thoughts that come to my mind. There are many companies celebrate Earth Day and being a green-conscious company is vatal nowarda. First, eco-superior is one of eleven consumer trends in 2011 according to trendwatching.com. Eco-Superior products are not environmentally friendly but a lot superior to polluting incumbents in every possible way. Consumers and businesses nowadays are pursuing eco-friendly products, and the green products available to US consumers increased by 73% between 2009 and 2010. Some companies,take advantage of this trend by using their products to promote the company eco-friendly image, winning consumers’ minds.

As the considerable global environment issues emerge one after another, more and more people realize the importance of environmental protection. Companies are inventing the products that are environmentally friendly, further boosting the brand image for the companies. If the companies are committed to using eco-friendly materials to produce the products, consumers are more likely to purchase the products because using environmentally friendly products makes them think that they are involving themselves in the environmental issues.

Running environmentally friendly business can help companies save time, money and resources. For example, some brands spread their promotion ads via social media, like Facebook and twitter, rather than mail print ads to the customers. Many companies also encourage consumers to receive their purchase receipts via e-mail instead of printing them. These practices not only save time and money for the companies but also reduce paper use.

Like Apple iPad, the company makes a good use of demonstrating how its product supports businesses to go green. It seems to know what customers care about and understand how to utilize the eco-friendly trend to market its products. This idea of helping companies go green motivates corporations to buy its products, further helping them save money.

To sum up, to cater to this eco-friendly trend, companies should consider whether their products’ features fit with this trend; thus, they can win the consumers’ minds and save time and money for themselves.

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