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Four Common Magazine Ad Mistakes

Ad Age Daily recently released an article displaying The Most Effective Magazine Ads of 2010. It made me wonder what makes an ad drive people to take action or at the very least pay attention. I then remembered another article I read that looked at numerous ads and determined the four most common mistakes. Here is the list as a little reminder to anyone who designs ads at work. It was a good refresher for me as well.

  1. They display little interest in generating meaningful action.
  2. They don’t emphasize benefits and therefore, provide little reason to believe. Otherwise put as, they don’t tell the customer what’s in it for them.
  3. They lack stopping power, therefore creating little connection with the reader.
  4. They inhibit involvement because of hard to read text.

The goal of ads is to drive purchase and therefore increase sales. Yet only 33% of ads are effective in accomplishing this task. It seems that many ads are making the four most common mistakes.

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