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My so-called on line target audience identity

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but I am becoming paranoid by the steady stream of advertisements that are coming my way these days. After learning about audience targeting methods last week, I have been paying more attention to the banners and pop ups. Knowing that they are inspired by my searching behavior, social media usage and on line consumption, I am a getting a little worried about the picture that is being painted of me.

For example, this morning I went on to Boston.com to read something that I had seen earlier in the Globe. Immediately, I was greeted with the opportunity to get a home equity line of credit, an invitation to attend a private high school’s open house, a preview opportunity for luxury properties, and an offer for free phones from Verizon. So I am thinking, this means that someone somewhere thinks I am a wealthy isolationist spender who isn’t enamored with her cell phone. So part of this is right. I do hate my cell phone.

Next, I went to check the weather on weather.com. More consumerism, with an offer for a super duper visa card. But then, there was also an invitation to become a social worker, an enticement for joint pain relief, and $9 car insurance. Very funny. This set of offers has me pegged as someone looking for a highly altruistic, low paying job suffering from degenerative bone disease who is dumb enough to think that there is such a thing as $9 car insurance. My shoulder is killing me, but $9 car insurance? Really?

Finally, I wanted to look up a medical procedure so I visited Webmd.com. The top banner, which occupies a fair amount of real estate I must add, jumped out at me with an eye popping, attention grabbing message from my friends at Eli Lilly that read “Depression is more than a bad word”. I have searched the recesses of my brain to recall if I had ever looked into any mental health issues and I’m coming up with nothing. I was also targeted for acne remedies, melanoma, and cholesterol lowering drugs. I wondered what data they had on me to think that I might be depressed with skin issues and high cholesterol. I don’t really see how I arrived at this.

I can’t help but feel a little misunderstood. It is a good thing that this artificial judgment doesn’t really matter in the long run. However, the notion of how this image of me was created in the first place has me more than curious. Without really trying, it seems that something has gone astray. So as an act of rebellion, I’d like to announce that I am going to engage in a little target audience mishegoss. Each day I pledge to engage in some bizarre online activity just to see how many strange combinations of targeted messages I can get to appear simultaneously. Who knows, maybe in the end a realistic version of me will appear, where offers for products related to companionship, loyalty, parenting, education and alcohol (ok, so I do like to have some fun) start streaming in. I’ll let you know.

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