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Coraline: a great example in using interactive media

     Who says animations can only be sold to the children? Coraline would definitely surprise them. Base on Neil Gaiman’s book, Coraline is a nontraditional fairy tale style movie which would scare even the grownups. Besides from the appealing contents of the story, the use of interactive media strategy has helped to lead the movie to a big success.

     Pay a visit to Coraline’s website, you can find many Coraline movie poster from wikidelicate interactive designs which will definitely appeal your interest and prolong the time you spend on their websites. They also create blogs for one of the main characters in the play- Sergi Alexander Bobinsky. In the blog, Bobinsky had a fantastic road trip and took down the journey with actual photos. This is a great interactive strategy to not only draw audiences’ interests but also increase their involvements both with the movie and the characters. The other BlogSpot for Coraline is designed to create buzz and announced all kinds of related news. This blog provides the space for audiences to offer their opinions and share artworks with others, which may strengthen the identification with the movie. The most unique strategy the movie used is the outdoor Coraline advertising which they called Storescapes. They are not just some simple printing ads put in the bus station, they are interactive ads! They connect one of the ads with sensors and use 3D images of ghost children to interactive with the pedestrians. Other displays are also designed to use various technologies to interactive with people in order to attract their attentions.

     The example from Coraline has provided the most powerful evidence in using interactive media to draw consumers’ attention and successfully create a big sale. Marketers not only need to chase the newest technology trend but also have to understand how to integrate the tools and bring them into a full play.

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