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Niche Businesses Find a Home

I log in to facebook and see an ad for something I never thought about as a business, but man, what a great/horrible opportunity!  Are you having trouble finding the company you want at your local bar?  Need a quick fix after a dry spell?  Just get dumped and need a rebound?  Looking for a one-night stand?  Poor and need someone to buy you drinks?  Depressed and feeling like no one loves you?  Don’t hire a prostitute or a gigolo, they’re too expensive!  Hire a WingWoman!


Ok, I admit this is ridiculous, but it may come in hand once-in-a-while.  For $65/hour (minimum of 2 hours) you can ditch your friends and have a professional (yes, they’re trained!) help you out with a hook-up!  You don’t have to worry about paying for a ball-and-chain’s cab ride home or a person who drinks too much and completely spoils your buzz, and thus your night.  Exquisite use of the internet and marketing.  You can’t exactly advertise this on billboards or prime time TV, and most single professionals go to sleep too early to see the creepy hook-up call line commercials that play during infomercials at 2am.

Face it, online dating is the future.  With divorce rate at almost 50% and time running out, we just don’t have time to sit at a bar alone.  Now, you have help!  So swallow your pride, pay out the Benjamins, and have a good night!

Always remember to wear protection,

Robert Slack

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