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Are you ready for ZMOT?

What is ZMOT? The idea is from Jim Lecinski, VP for U.S sales and service at Google, and he calls the “Zero Moment of Truth.” Think about your consumption  pattern! Today, you want to buy a digital camera. Before stepping into a store and  talking to sales representatives, you might have already done tons of research, compared various products and read many user reviews. The more your learned about each brand, the wider options your can consider and the faster you might switch your preferences.

Because of increasing access to the web and mobile devices, consumers have  changed the pattern of decision making dramatically. We are now facing a more  connected and transparent world, and ZMOT is that moment when you start  learning about a product or service after you decide to try or buy something. The  research shows that 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews  before making a purchase, and 79% of consumers say they use a smartphone to help with shopping. In addition, people did research online about not only large purchases but also small everyday products. So, how do marketers win ZMOT?

Examine your online presence:

By typing your product or company name into search engines, you can examine the current status of your online presence. Top third of the first result page? Monitor your brands on key rating and review sites and check how the key words that you give consumers work. This is definitely a long-term battle, so having a person to be in charge of your online presence and deal with good or bad reviews is necessary.

Find your zero moment:

Marketers should not only know exactly how target customers search for certain products but also understand what issues and questions people are looking for right now. Every company wants to be found and participate online conversations with target consumers, and there are some tools, such as keyword tool, Google Trend and Insights for search, for marketers to do a good job on SEM.

Stimulate digital communications:

To deepen relationship and engagement with current customers, marketers should build positive experiences to maintain repeat buying and encourage advocacy.  Zero Moment of Truth is driven by consumer-generated recommendation and sentiment, so marketers should start thinking about how to drive and stimulate digital communications through social media website and online campaigns.

Identify online opinion leaders:

Marketers should not only care about heavy users but also heavy influencers. Bloggers and online reviewers are getting more influential as Google search engine leads a path directly to them. Consumers are more likely to be influenced by a personal recommendation, so reaching for opinion leaders might benefit your company with positive presence online and multiply the effect of your current campaigns.

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