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Getting Engaged: Interactive Ads on Youtube

In the last lecture, I was surprised that there are few people know about interactive Youtube advertising. It seems that interactive advertising on Youtube is still an underused way for creating awesome and catchy commercials. However, many businesses are already experimenting with interactive video and some have got considerable success. In this article, I’m going to share three successful examples with different innovative creativities for Youtube advertisements. Some of them are produced with a huge budget, some of them for nothing at all.

  • Advertising out of the box

Here is the most recent and good example for this application: Tipp-Ex, BIC Europe Group’s brand, leader on the European market of correcting products. To celebrate the back to school period and get the young cohort’s attention, Tipp-Ex went on Youtube with an interactive campaign as funny as surprising. In this viral video, it begins as a normal YouTube advertising, only 30 seconds long.  Nevertheless, near the end of the clip, there are buttons asking the viewers to choose whether the main character should shoot the bear or not. What’s more, by promoting the product’s main feature—corrector—and encouraging the viewers to think out of the “video box”, this video allows the viewers to rewrite the title of the video directly on Youtube. There are more than 50 different hilarious endings can be showed. Since this campaign is logically singed: Tipp-Ex, white and rewrite, the video not only has 18 million views, by the time of writing this post, on Youtube, but also has helped its sales increase 30% in Europe.

  • Make a customized game on Youtube

Without doubts, “customer engagement” is the strong reason to do interactive advertising on Youtube.  As a marketer, we all know that nowadays customers do not want to be just audiences but participants. The simplest way to get customers involved is creating a customized and compelling game that is branded by your company. After all, advertising has always been about buzz. Knowing that Youtube is the greatest channel for viral marketing, if a company can make its customers engage in the promotional game it creates and encourage them to share it, the gaming campaign will be a huge hit. The following is an example created by Hot Weels, an American brand for diet cast toy car.  In this car racing game, customers can learn the benefits of Hot Weels’ products through the process of assembling the toy cars by themselves.

  • Promoting yourself innovatively and interactively

The last but not the least, you can also advertise yourself on Youtube in a creative way! If you want to sell yourself to your future boss, a normal and traditional portfolio may not help you stand out anymore. In fact, some musicians and creative workers have developed their interactive portfolio on Youtube in different interesting ways and have successfully caught their target audiences’ (a.k.a. employers’) eyes. Here is one interactive Youtube portfolio, created by a Taiwanese student who was looking for an interactive creative direction internship. At the beginning of this video, the student encourages viewers to choose either iPhone or iPad to see his app-development works. The video will show you different apps, the student designed, for iPhone or iPad depending on viewers’’ choices. The combination of his professional skills and the interactive video made this portfolio video was shared on the blog of ADS of THE WORLD, a creative world site where creative workers exchange creative information and ideas.

The engagement of interactive ads on Youtube can offer huge rewards, according to Xavier Dreze, a Wharton marketing professor. “It offers a way to cut through the information clutter. Because customers are bombarded by so many messages, they tune them out. If you can get them involved in making their own message, that’s like getting in through the back door.” In such a customer-centric era, customers search for their voices on Youtube to get engaged. Facing this change of consumer behavior, for advertisers, maybe interactive advertising on Youtube is the best way to satisfy their customers or at least get their attention.

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