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The Modern Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock BBC     Without a doubt, Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters in the history. From movies to episodes, he is always the brightest star on the screen. However, keep filming around same old subjects do get people feel bored. So, what can producers do to re-attract their audience?

There is a successful case that worth studying. Recently, BBC One programmes has produced a whole new episode based on Sherlock Holmes novels-SHERLOCK. Your first reaction might be “What? Not again.” Indeed, audiences have no expectations before watching film. Same old story, same old character. But guess what, the average rating of the show achieves 28.4 which is really high watching rate. Besides from excellent scripts and actors, the unexpected success should be credited to their multimedia marketing strategy.

The modern Sherlock Holmes has well captured everyone’s attention. In the episode, our young Sherlock Holmes builds a website and named it “the science of deduction.”  Try to google the name and you will actually find the website. Instead of creating an official website just like other companies do, this will resonate more with audiences and keeping them to revisit the website to check if there are any new information.

Also, in the film, Dr. Watson owns a personal blog. He uses the blog to write things about how they solve the mysteries cases. In the reality, BBC actually builds a blog for Dr. Watson.  Audiences can leave their comments and questions in the blog, and get direct responses from Sherlock or Dr. Watson.

The BBC channel creates not only the chance to talk to audiences, but also the opportunity to spread out the words. People talk about the blog and the responses they have from Sherlock or Dr. Watson. The interaction between characters and audiences has become a perfect marketing tool, a chance for producers to create buzz without paying lots of money.

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