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Embellishment on YouTube: Safe when it’s fake.

Holy crap.  If this isn’t the best use of YouTube marketing, I don’t know what is.  For those of you writing anything about YouTube, consider this:

There are a few videos showing terrible things that can be done to iPads in this case the prove its worth beyond comprehension.  Billy Mays and Ron Popeil are jealous, I can feel it.  Can you imagine dropping a Ronco Food Dehydrator out of an airplane?  You’d need a lot of Mighty Putty to fix it and a ton of OxyClean if it hit someone on the way down.  Will It Blend guy, eat your heart out (will this case blend?).

This brings up an interesting point: if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Chances are you’ll never drop your iPad out of a plane on purpose, but it’s important to show, and occasionally exploit your positives.  Remember those Toshiba commercials with the Impact Smart hard drives?  Sure, there are no such things as a zombies, but that weird guy down the street might scare you into dripping your laptop when you’re outside posting his picture on America’s Most Wanted’s Facebook page.

Extremes make us think, but don’t make them hit too close to home or you’ll scare people.

Robert Slack

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