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2011: The Year of J. Lo

Jenny from the block is back, y’all.

Like, in and out and around it – all over the block. If you’ve watched any television this year, you’ve been hit over the head with Jennifer Lopez and, likely, something she’s selling.

From lip-gloss and razors to European compact cars and her own low-cost clothing line, Ms. Lopez is representing it. At any given moment today, more than ten commercials – that’s four brands – could be seen on television with J. Lo as the centerpiece. Not including other brand associations like Coca-Cola and Ford who sponsor “American Idol,” of which Lopez is a judge, she is currently a brand ambassador for Gillette Venus razors, L’Oreal cosmetics, the Fiat 500 automobile and Kohl’s department store. (And, unfortunately, the on-screen time here does not include advertisements for her 2011-released “Love” album and tabloid-news scoops of her divorce from Mark Anthony.)

While research to back me up is pretty shallow, I feel confident saying that you’d be hard-pressed to find another celebrity out there right now with as many overlapping product spots to her name.

Honestly, I think the decision by advertisers to choose the beautiful Lopez as their campaign’s voice after, say, she already had two other companies under her belt is… uncreative?… lazy?… cheap?… stupid? Personally, whenever she pops up on the boob tube nowadays, I just exhale an unbelieving sigh and try to figure out what she’s selling me this time. It’s exhausting trying to remember what I should buy next from her and, quite frankly, it all just starts to blend together…which I’m thinking can’t be in the brands’ best interests. (Until this post, I could only recall one name of the brands she represents, though I’m fully aware of her current domination of the airwaves.)

She does look great driving what is probably a tough sell in SUV-loving America…and I’m sure every woman would love to use the same cosmetic products as one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful in 2011…and she does sell glam-garments-on-a-budget well (she is Jenny from the Block, after all). And while I don’t agree with how many spots are overlapping right now, I must throw some kudos to the one-strike marketers who have intelligently created a few online-appropriate behind-the-scenes, interviews and quirky-skit ads, found within their corporate YouTube channels.

Check ‘em out…

Just Another Day at the Office – Kohl’s (1)

Just Another Day at the Office – Kohl’s (2)

EverSleek Behind the Scenes – L’Oreal

PS — She has an app.…is this real life?!

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