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A New Award Category of Cannes Lions: Mobile Lions

Last week, Cannes Lion launched a new award category, which is “Mobile Lions.”  We all know that Cannes Lions Awards have set the benchmark for excellence in creative communications. The introduction of Mobile Lions means the mobile creative marketing has grown too strong to ignore it or simply be incorporated into other sections, such as cyber or film. As Cannes Lions CEO Philip Thomas said, “ By carving it out of the other sections, we are simply reflecting the importance of mobile in the media mix.”

Cannes organizers said the new category will reward the best work housed on or activated by a mobile device, app or mobile web. That can include mobile websites, rich-media mobile advertising, games or web, mobile or tablet apps. However, just like we discussed in the last lecture, how does the jury grade those mobile creative works designed for different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, is an issue. Now, according to Cannes organization, judging criteria will center on creativity, the idea, the execution (usability, user experience, craft and design), relevance to the mobile platform and results (level of user engagement and any quantifiable outcomes).

I don’t know how everyone thinks about the judging criteria, but I personally like the last criterion: relevance to the mobile platform and results. I argue that this criterion will solve the problem that we doubted before– whether or not mobile creative works could be judged fairly among various operating systems. Nevertheless, only after 2012 can the award outcome and after reviews tell us the true answer. Let’s look forward to it!

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