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When The Muppets meets social media

Walt Disney Pictures is introducing its upcoming live-action film Muppet to movie theaters. “The Muppets” is going to hit the big screen on November 23 2011- that is this week! In order to revive and promote The Muppets, the film has launched a marketing campaign by using social media and digital tools for 2 years. Mashable calls the campaign “one of the most socially savvy” they have ever seen. This campaign can be so successful not only it gets the right people involved, but also it utilizes social and digital effectively. This film has been virally and socially promote across social channels.


The Muppets creates a Facebook fanpage to spread movie information. There are more than 1.1 million fans on the official Muppets Facebook fan page. Additionally, each of the puppet characters has their own fan pages and campaigns.  

The Muppets Fan-A-Thon is created on Facebook to attract fans to “Like” characters, videos and pages. Fan-A-Thon has gotten over 2 million likes since it started.


The Muppets also uses Google+ page, the latest social media, to connect and share information with fans and promote the film. For example, Jason Segel, one of the characters in The Muppets, showed in a Google+ Hangout to interact with the fans directly.


There are almost 70,000 followers on the official Muppets Studio Twitter account. The Twitter account is hosted by a pair of Muppet characters Statler and Waldorf. These two ornery and hilarious old man cracks jokes about every characters and tweet their disdain for the current Muppet invasion. Disney uses a humorous a way to attract fans.   


The Muppets uses YouTube to brand and promote itself by creating viral music videos and movie trailer parodies on YouTube. The Muppets’ most recent video on YouTube is a soundtrack preview that pokes fun at audience criticism.

Mobile Apps

Disney acquired the game maker-Tapulous, the iPhone app development firm responsible for the Tap Tap Revenge games in 2010. Thus, The Muppets have their own music app now, Tap Tap Muppets. Also, mobile video app Viddy  has special pack that lets people insert characters from The Muppets into their videos.



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