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Taking 15 Seconds to Make it TRULY Interactive…

My Thanksgiving holiday was spent in New York City, among mobs of tourists and high-flying parade balloons. And in a city with consumers galore who are wheeling and dealing from Canal Street to Fifth Avenue, advertisers have to get creative to sway the spenders their way.

We’ve all seen the handbills, taxi cab ads and billboards the size of a building’s facade, but I quickly took notice of all the people in the middle of Times Square staring up…at themselves within an advertisement. Interactive billboards are becoming all the rage worldwide — be sure to check out this entertaining Top 10 list from Mashable — and marketers are getting more and more creative to pull eyeballs, and wallets, in their direction. Certainly, the primary “call to action” for customers in this American Eagle Times Square ad is to have customers walk into the store on which the ad is hanging. And while this marketing effort proves to be an attention grabber in all its fifteen-second-of-fame glory, I must pick a small bone with its creators…

Do they have Facebook? Twitter? A Web site? Yes?? Well, where is that information on the billboard and why isn’t it listed there? Every single non-interactive sign surrounding the American Eagle ad has their social media and online information hanging over everyone’s head, literally — so how could they leave it out? I’m not sure which came first (the Eagle or the…), but the interactive sign for Forever 21 — located directly across Broadway from the AE sign — lists a live stream of tweets from F21 followers, in addition to their hash tag and Web site info.

I’m not sure how easily this information can be added to a digital board that spans at least ten floors high, but I can’t imagine that it is an impossible fix during their next update. With such great real estate in the middle of the city that never sleeps, you’d think they could at least take advantage of the thousands of eyes peering at them every day!

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