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Have you ever thought of owning a Facebook phone?

There has been a rumor and an unconfirmed report that Facebook is working with HTC to develop a Facebook phone, “Buffy”, that has a much deeper integration with the social network.

Last week at CNN Atlanta, Mashable’s Christina Warren assessed the validity of the rumors. She also examined the potential advantages of a device with strong Facebook integration. Since competitors like Apple, Google, and Microsoft do not necessary want Facebook to own a space on their mobile, so Facebook needs to build their own. Moreover, this will allow the users to directly go to Facebook page instead of going to the browser.

Facebook has a large app ecosystem that works well on the desktop but it does not work well on mobile devices. You can always update status from your mobile phones but it’s always not convenient for Facebook users to play a game or go on a poll from a mobile phone. Therefore this integration will help them bring Facebook’s apps to the mobile space. By serving up Facebook apps via HTML5 support, it allows users to play game like Farmville and Poker directly and easily from the Facebook app. Other mobile phones usually offer apps as separate downloads from Facebook, which prevents them from tapping into active Facebook users, while cutting Facebook off from potential revenues; however, this “Buffy” will be able to solve the problems.

However, again, this is still a rumor and Facebook still has not confirmed anything yet but Christina said it could be about 12 to 18 months that we will see this phone.

I just can’t imagine how it is going to be when this Facebook phone really exists. I’m looking forward to seeing it real. I guess same as you 🙂


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