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iPads helping doctors help us

Millions of people own iPads; even doctors. To this writer it is not a shock to think that the medical profession has fell in love with a piece of technology that will ultimately make their jobs easier. Apple is not allowed to promote it for specific medical device uses, but they can promote it as a general use computing device. The FDA will be watching very carefully because they do not have a problem with the iPad itself, but the apps and other software being run on the iPad.

For some doctors the iPad can save an hour to an hour and a half per day. Many doctors feel that bringing their iPad for professional into the home gives them the ability to be far more interactive and productive then they could have ever imagined.

Hospitals aren’t speedy adopters of new computer technology, but the iPad has freed up doctors to read papers and look up information no matter where they are — at home, while traveling, or doing hospital rounds.

There really is something to be said for a technological innovation that can help sick people. Is it too far of a reach to say that the iPad could help save lives.

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